Psychadelic Metal in Kabul


Heavy Metal in Kabul, Afghanistan

Photo: Grinding at Hoodies during the Sound Central Festival in Kabul. By David Gill.


District Unknown is considered the first heavy metal band in Afghanistan. Rolling Stone described the band as “leaders in Afghanistan’s first true counter-culture movement.” The quartet of thunder performs both original songs including “The Nightmare” and “The Dying Bride” as well as cover songs like “Sweet Dreams” (Marilyn Manson’s version of the Eurythmics song) and new originals at venues all over Kabul and now is looking for cross-border audiences.
As this is the birth of Afghanistan’s heavy metal scene, stay tuned to find these guys taking the genre, and their country, in entirely new directions.┬áCheck out our video page and press. Then come join us on Facebook, Sound Central, and at